Lewis Miller, event and floral designer, had come up with this idea quite some time ago, but decided it was finally time to begin his work. What does it involve? Flowers and garbage cans.

Lewis and his group have been going around New York, creating beautiful flower arrangements in…yes you guessed it. Garbage cans.

“I’m constantly on the lookout for the supermodel of trashcans,” said Irini Greenbaum, the company’s director of special projects.

But these aren’t just any little flower displays. They are huge bouquets of flowers, which make the garbage cans look like little vases. And the best part is, everyone loves seeing them!

“They are our flowers to New York. That’s really the message-to gift flowers to New Yorkers for no other reason than to make them smile,” said Greenbaum. And it definitely works!

People have even taken flowers from the “Imagine” memorial for John Lennon, and made them into a peace sign along the display!

“People actually took some of the flowers ad turned the installation into a peace sign. Which is something that we didn’t do…it’s nice to see it take on a life of its own,” Greenbaum commented.

We are so impressed by these flower displays! they are just so beautiful and full of life! I really hope it inspires others to do things similar, and to make people smile!

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